Homemaker For Seniors And People With Disabilities  In Indiana: Who Qualifies For Home Care Services?

July 24, 2023

Taking care of the home is essential for our health and safety, and doubly so for anyone who is aging, has disabilities, is recovering from an illness, or has any condition that might make them less physically active. You could qualify for government assistance for home care services if you require help around the house due to the following reasons:

  • Aging
  • Disability
  • Injury or illness
  • Taking care of a child with a physical disability

Anyone who qualifies for home care services should consider partnering with an in-home care agency, like Nova Home Care, that offers homemaker services to help you live safely and comfortably at home.

Homemaking involves not only housekeeping, such as mopping or laundry but also organizing and planning a cleaning routine and ensuring house supplies (toilet paper, cleaning products, toothpaste, etc.) are topped up.

Many of us act as homemakers at some point, taking care of our living spaces for ourselves or our families. However, we may need help with household tasks due to age or other circumstances. For example, it might become challenging to go up and down the stairs to the closet of cleaning supplies, or we might fear falling on a slippery floor when mopping or not having the energy to spend time outside watering the plants or walking the dog.

In such cases, having someone else come–a professional caregiver or a helpful family member–to visit and perform homemaking services can be invaluable. Of course, this kind of homemaking help costs either time or money, but did you know that you can often get government assistance to fund home care services for seniors and people with disabilities? It is even possible to get funding through a home care agency to pay a family member to look after you and your home.

Benefits Of In-Home Care Services With Homemaking Included

When we think of home care, we usually think of personal care services, such as help with grooming, getting dressed or using the bathroom, and moving around the house. While personal care is essential, studies have found that it isn’t enough on its own, especially when it comes to aging while remaining in your own home. Most of us would prefer aging at home rather than moving to a nursing facility, and homemaking is a crucial part of making that a reality.

Having a caregiver that helps keep a clean, well-maintained, and organized home has many benefits for seniors and people with disabilities. For example:

  • Having a tidy home space reduces the risk of accidents or injury, especially with someone to help you move around and check that gas and electric appliances are working properly.
  • Maintaining a good standard of cleanliness also reduces the risk of infectious diseases or respiratory hazards such as mold.
  • The caregiver can help establish safety routines and protocols, e.g., exit routes during an emergency.
  • A pleasant and attractive home environment lowers stress and promotes personal dignity and well-being.
  • Having a pleasant environment for guests encourages a healthy social life.

What Are The Home Care Services For The Elderly And Disabled In Indiana, And Do They Include Homemaking?

In Indiana, home care agencies usually partner with Medicare or Medicaid to offer care services funded by your insurance or benefits, such as the Aging and Disabled Waiver.

The main difference between Medicare and Medicaid when it comes to home care is that:

  • Medicare will only cover medical services that require a healthcare professional, such as a nurse or therapist, and requires that you are housebound, i.e., unable to leave home without assistance. Medicare generally does not cover personal care and homemaking services, although some minimal housekeeping may form part of a package with medical services.
  • Medicaid does cover home care, including personal care and homemaking, and usually allows some discretion in how you spend your allowances, including for the employment of family members as caregivers.

How To Bill Medicaid For Home Care Services In Indiana

Although it may be difficult to know whether you qualify for home care services through Medicaid, the best way to find out–and ensure that you get your benefits–is to work through a home care agency with an established relationship with government services.

Getting home care services through Medicaid usually starts via referral, either through a discharge nurse (if you’re in the hospital) or an application to a home care agency to see if you qualify. Going through an experienced home care agency lets you skip the government bureaucracy and makes getting the help you need easier. To see if you qualify for home care services through Medicaid in Indiana, fill out our eligibility form and let the experts at Nova Home Care help you get the benefits you deserve.

Let Us Help You Get The Care You Are Entitled To

In addition to homemaking services, Nova Home Care provides a full range of non-medical home care services that are covered under Medicaid and include:

  • Personal care (dressing, bathing, assistance with mobility)
  • Transportation (e.g., driving to doctor’s appointments, support groups, etc.)
  • Companionship (emotional support and mental stimulation)
  • Care coordination (e.g., with your doctor, nurse, or therapist)

We can provide an experienced caregiver from among our dedicated staff, or provide training and salary for a family member to be employed as your caregiver. For more information on how we can help you live a satisfying life at home, contact us online.

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