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To bring safe, consistent, and quality home care to all individuals who need it.

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Who We Are

Nova Home Care is a trusted home care agency that provides the highest quality non-medical in-home care, lifestyle support, and access to community services across Indiana, Arizona, Colorado, Minnesota, and Connecticut. We are dedicated to providing safe and reliable care, companionship, and homemaking services to aging adults and individuals who are blind or disabled so that they may continue to remain in the comfort of their homes.

At Nova Home Care, we show the utmost commitment to helping individuals maintain a higher quality standard of living. Catering to those who often have difficulty finding agencies that are able to meet their needs, we collaborate with state agencies, healthcare providers, and social services to provide individuals with home care assistance tailored to meet their unique needs.

Nova Home Care’s services are rendered while supporting each client’s unique physical and emotional needs. We demonstrate the utmost respect for all human life and allow each person the dignity to live as independently as their health will allow.

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Company History

Established in 2016 as a personal service agency, Nova Home Care is a family-owned company and an associate company of multiple personal care aide agencies throughout several states across the US, all of which have been owned and operated by the family for more than 20 years and which are modeled after Nova Home Care’s best practices.

Nova Home Care is designed based on the theoretical framework of person-centered planning (PCP). The underlying philosophy of PCP is that the client should be involved in the process of planning their care. In the case where the individual receiving care is unable to participate, their proxy should be a person who cares for them and has adequate knowledge of how they should be treated.

Personal Care

Our Core Values

Our agency is based on love, respect, compassion, and empathy. All of our employees and personal care assistants help to create an environment where integrity, respect, innovation, initiative, and empowerment are valued and encouraged. We are open, innovative, and compassionately support the individuals we serve.

As a fully inclusive company, we support the rich and varied diversity that exists within the United States and strive to provide home care services within the context of every person’s culture, language, and religious preferences.

We realize that our mission’s success depends upon the commitment of our employees to provide their very best. With this in mind, we promise to treat all of our employees as we would our clients, with respect and concern for their well-being.

Every one of our staff and associated home care agencies are expected to share our core values:

  • Integrity, honesty, and ethical behavior
  • Dedication to the empowerment of others as well as responsiveness
  • Professional excellence and high performance
  • Mutual respect, individual dignity, and diversity
  • Team member participation, contribution, and teamwork
  • Growth, development, and leadership


Nova Home Care and all of its associated home care agencies strive to:

  • Provide quality and safe professional supportive living services
  • Treat every client with the utmost respect and dignity
  • Assist the client to maintain an optimal level of independence
  • Ensure client care is entrusted to qualified staff by providing employees with opportunities for continued education
  • Enlist other community resources whenever appropriate
  • Help our clients find housing and empower them to live a financially stable lifestyle with the help of our management and caregiver
  • Alleviate pain, depression, and anxiety as much as possible
  • Assist/support and educate families in their role as caregiver
  • Consider the client’s emotional, spiritual, and physical needs
  • Meet our clients’ need in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations
Personal Care

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