What Is A Homemaker And Why Could It Be A Great Career Move In Indiana?

July 31, 2023

A homemaker can be defined as anyone who dedicates their time to making a house into a home–that is, making sure the living space is clean, safe, and pleasant for its residents as well as welcoming to guests. Some people’s idea of what is a homemaker may end at the concept of the stay-at-home parent or spouse, but there’s much more to it than that.

Homemaking is valuable work that many people and families undertake in their own homes–if you’re at all involved in family chores, the chances are that you have some homemaking experience–but not everyone is able to take care of their own home. Whether due to old age, disability, illness, or other circumstances, an individual or family may struggle to keep up with the demands of homemaking by themselves. In these cases, what is known as a homemaker can be hired to take care of these chores. If you have unpaid homemaking experience, then becoming a professional homemaker enables you to get paid for the same type of work you do in the home, even when it involves taking care of your own family members.

What Are Homemaker Services?

Homemaker services are offered by professional homemakers, usually through a home care agency. While the exact scope of these services can vary from agency to agency, they typically cover a mix of cleaning, maintenance, and organizational tasks. For example, Nova Home Care Indiana offers a range of homemaker services, including:

  • Light housekeeping – Cleaning, tidying, doing laundry, and taking out the garbage
  • Meal preparation – Cooking and taking care of someone’s meal plan or dietary requirements
  • Errands – Shopping for groceries and small household supplies such as toiletries and cleaning products
  • Organization – Keeping the house in order and establishing a consistent routine for the homemaking process. This includes helping clients adhere to medication schedules and coordinating with other care specialists (such as nurses or therapists) if needed
  • Plant and pet care – Some light gardening, watering house plants, feeding and walking pets

Depending on the client’s needs, they may require one or more of these services–the ultimate goal is to make the home a safe and comfortable environment for the people living there. Somebody can hire a homemaker to drop in weekly, daily, or even live with the client if round-the-clock care is needed.

Are Homemakers Considered Employees In Indiana?

If you receive monetary compensation for homemaker services, then whether you are considered an independent contractor or an employee by the state for purposes of benefits, taxation, etc., will depend on how much you work and who you work for. Generally speaking, employee status offers better benefits and more financial stability. For a homemaker to be considered an employee, it is usually easiest to apply to work for a home care agency that can provide an employment contract.

Can A Family Homemaker Get Paid For Homemaking Services In Indiana? 

If you are an experienced homemaker for your own household, you might be wondering if you can turn your skills into a career and get paid for providing homemaking services to others. Or you may find yourself already taking care of homemaking duties for a family member in need, such as an aging parent or grandparent, a child with physical disabilities, or a loved one recovering from illness.

The good news is that you can get paid as a homemaker in Indiana, even when providing homemaking services to family members. Medicaid can cover homemaking and related care services, and an established home care agency can help you obtain government funding to be employed by them as a homemaker and/or caregiver for your family member.

At Nova Home Care Indiana, we know that no one takes better care of family than family. That’s why we welcome applications from people in the Indiana area who are already engaged in a homemaking role for their loved ones. We can help you not only get paid for doing errands and chores for your family members but also to turn your passion and experience into a rewarding career.

Homemaker Benefits With Nova Home Care Indiana

Everyone deserves to live a satisfying life, and that starts at home. Good homemaking makes a difference for everyone, especially the elderly and vulnerable. A clean, safe home with an established routine lowers stress, minimizes the chance of accidents, and uplifts the mood of the people who live there.

Let Nova Home Care help you with the resources you need to offer the best possible care for your loved ones or develop a fulfilling career as a caregiver. As a Nova Home Care employee, you will receive training in not just good homemaking but also to expand your skill set and career prospects with the following:

  • Personal care (e.g., grooming, assistance with mobility)
  • Companionship (e.g., emotional support and mental stimulation)
  • Care coordination (e.g., organizing medical or therapeutic services)

For further information about compensation and benefits, including a competitive salary, health insurance, 401K, training, and more, apply via our careers page or contact us online.

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