How To Become A Professional Homemaker In Indiana

July 17, 2023

When we think about how to be a homemaker,  it’s important to look beyond the outdated notions found in the housewife’s handbooks of the last century. Homemaking is the art of making a home a clean, safe, and pleasant place to live in. It includes cleaning chores, maintenance, restocking of household supplies, and organizational skills. Taken together, that’s quite a skill set! Although most of us will engage in homemaking as part of our daily lives, anyone who has been the primary homemaker for their household will know how much work it can be–and how rewarding it can be to see the fruit of your labor manifested in a beautiful home with a happy household.

Unfortunately, the skills of a homemaker haven’t always received the recognition they deserve in the professional world. A recent study from Oxfam reported that, on a global scale, women and girls, in particular, perform 12.5 billion hours of unpaid care work every day. Assuming this would be paid at just minimum wage, their annual contribution to the global economy would be valued at at least $10.8 trillion.

However, this is changing, especially as society progresses toward greater equality. In the US, people of any gender with homemaking experience, including displaced homemakers, are finding new career opportunities as caregivers for an aging population and even getting paid for the homemaking work they do for their family members. For example, Nova Home Care Indiana offers homemaker services and welcomes applications from anyone with homemaking experience, even if previously unpaid.

What Is A Displaced Homemaker?

A displaced homemaker is an unpaid, full-time, stay-at-home homemaker who lost the income previously provided by the employed person/breadwinner of their household. This can happen through divorce, bereavement, or a host of other circumstances. It can leave the displaced homemaker in a vulnerable situation as they face a competitive job market without a paid employment history on their resume.

In this case, becoming a professional homemaker can be an attractive career move–the displaced homemaker gets an income in a growing industry that values the skills and experience gained in their domestic role. Furthermore, displaced homemakers with elderly or disabled dependants can get paid to care for them by working through an established home care agency.

How To Be A Homemaker: Duties, Qualities, And Skills

Homemaking is a physically active job that also includes planning and caring elements, so a good homemaker should also be well-organized, friendly, and conscientious. As a professional homemaker, your duties would typically consist of the following:

  • Light housekeeping – Cleaning, tidying, laundry, taking out the garbage
  • Meal preparation – Meal planning and cooking, adhering to a client’s diet plan
  • Errands – Grocery shopping and restocking household supplies
  • Organization – Helping a client plan a schedule and keep track of medications and appointments
  • Plant and pet care – Light gardening, care, and feeding of animals

What Kind Of People Need Professional Homemaking Services?

There are many reasons why someone might need a homemaker to help them stay in their house by keeping it clean, safe, and pleasant. These include:

  • Seniors
  • People with disabilities
  • People recovering from injury or illness
  • Parents taking care of a child with a physical disability

A well-kept home lowers stress, raises the self-esteem of the people who live here, and minimizes the risk of accident or disease, but the type of clients with the above conditions will likely need assistance with more than just homemaking. That’s why many homemakers who go professional also train as caregivers to develop their career prospects.

Should You Combine Homemaking And Home Care?

The same qualities that make one a good homemaker also lend themselves well to caregiving work. By training as an at-home caregiver, a homemaker will gain new job opportunities and make their day job more varied and rewarding. Helping our community’s vulnerable populations to help them lead satisfying lives can be immensely rewarding work, emotionally as well as financially.

For example, Nova Home Care trains applicants in both good homemaking practices for caregivers (for example, establishing the safest emergency exit routes in a residence) and also in the skills they need to provide personal care services, which include helping clients with their mobility, medication adherence, and personal grooming.

Training And Benefits For Homemakers

Nova Home Care Indiana is always looking for people with homemaking experience, especially if you know someone in need of care or are already caring for a loved one–we can help you get paid as a family caregiver and homemaker.

If you think you have the right qualities and experience to be a professional caregiver or homemaker, apply via our careers page or contact us online to find out more about remuneration and benefits, including a competitive salary, health insurance, paid vacation, 401K, training, and help with government assistance for your loved ones.

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