What Is Home Care, And What Does It Include?

August 14, 2023

Whether it is due to aging, disability, illness, or injury, there are many reasons why someone might find themselves needing some help around the house. While family or other household members may pitch in to help, some professional assistance can make it easier on everyone to focus on quality time together and ensure that someone is always present in case of an emergency. That’s where home care services come in.

So, what is home care, exactly? The answer depends on the needs of the person being cared for. For example, someone who has mobility issues will need help moving around the house or with dressing and grooming. An older person may need housekeeping assistance,  personal care,  or help with exercise and taking medications. A child with a physical disability may also need specialized companionship, such as educational games tailored to their special needs.

Everyone is an individual, and home care might look different for every person. The goal of home care is to ensure that the person cared for gets to live a comfortable and fulfilling life in their own home. Nova Home Care works hard to make sure that every client gets the individualized care and services that they need. There are many benefits to choosing home care over residing in an institution, and the ability to receive personalized care tailored to your needs is one of the most important.

Types Of Home Care

Non-medical home care is based on the concept of activities of daily living (ADLs) and instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs). ADLs are oriented around the body (e.g., moving around, grooming, using the bathroom), and IADLs are oriented toward interacting with the environment (e.g., taking care of plants and pets, grocery shopping, housekeeping, and meal preparation). Many people requiring home care need help with both types of activities.

Nova Home Care services include the following types of care:

  • Personal Care ServicesThis includes help with walking and transference (sitting, lying down, getting up) as well as personal hygiene, eating, drinking, taking medications, getting dressed, and grooming.
  • HomemakingThis includes chores such as light housekeeping, meal planning and cooking, laundry, and pet care.
  • Companionship – Caregivers offer emotional support and mental stimulation through conversation, reading, taking walks, playing games, and other social activities. 
  • Transportation – A caregiver can drive you to and from doctor’s appointments, support groups, family events, or other occasions.
  • Care Coordination – In the case of the client’s needs not being totally met by the above services (e.g., if a nurse or physical therapist is required), Nova will coordinate with the relevant organizations to include them in the care plan.

It is important to note that home care strictly refers to non-medical care services provided in the client’s home. Caregiving work that requires medical professionals or equipment is called home health care and is more directly handled through medical providers.

What Are Integrated Home Care Services?

Home care isn’t one-size-fits-all. Many people require a holistic, integrated approach–some personal care, some homemaking, some transport or companionship, etc. At Nova Home Care, we practice person-centered care (PCP). In PCP, the package of care services is designed with the client’s wishes and needs in mind. We recognize that everyone is unique, and the home care process always begins with a thorough assessment with the input of the prospective client and family to create a care plan that covers all bases and gives the client all the assistance they need to live a safe, happy and dignified life at home. 

Contact Nova Home Care For Integrated, Personalized Care

If you think that you or your loved one may benefit from home care services, then start by getting in touch with a reputable home care agency in your area. Nova Home Care offers person-centered care services in Indiana, Colorado, Minnesota, Connecticut, and Arizona.  Contact us online for more information, or fill out our referral form for a consultation on a personalized care plan. 

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