How Much Does Home Care Cost? 

August 21, 2023

When it comes to seniors, disabled people, people with long-term illnesses, or anyone else who might struggle to manage daily life on their own, there are generally two options–one being a nursing home or assisted living facility and the other being home care, where the person stays in their own home and a caregiver visits to give them personalized assistance. Home care is considered to have more benefits for health and well-being and is often preferred, especially by aging adults or parents of children with disabilities, but how much does home care cost?

The exact answer will depend on your state and personal situation. Private home care can be costly, but if you receive some kind of healthcare benefit, for example, through Medicaid or as a veteran, then you may be entitled to home care for free. If you are unsure whether you are entitled to benefits or how to claim them, an established home care agency such as Nova Home Care can help you arrange any benefits you may be eligible for.

The Cost Of Hiring A Homecare Provider

The financial cost of hiring a home care provider will depend on the state you live in, how many hours of care are required, and the nature of the care provided. 

  • Home care services can include personal care services, homemaking services, companionship services, and transport.
  • Home health services, on the other hand, require trained and licensed healthcare professionals (i.e., nurses or physical therapists) to administer medical services or use specialized medical equipment. These kinds of services will be more expensive than non-medical home care services.

A recent survey of the cost of home care providers by Genworth showed that the median cost of home care in the US is $4,957 monthly or $59,488 annually, assuming you require full-time care. Caregivers’ hourly rates can range from $16 (Louisiana) up to $26 (North Dakota). 

Are Home Care Services Tax Deductible?

According to IRS Publication 502, only home health care performed by a licensed healthcare practitioner is tax-deductible, and even then, only if the following conditions are met:

  • The care recipient is chronically ill.
  • The type of care is approved as tax deductible by the IRS, as detailed in publication 502. These types include wound care, rehabilitation, and giving medication, among others.

Therefore, if only non-medical home care services are needed, they are very unlikely to be tax-deductible.

How Much Does Medicaid Pay For Homecare?

Medicaid represents the best option for most people seeking affordable or free home care options. While Medicare strictly limits the amount of long-term care or home care a member can receive, Medicaid allows for an extended range of benefits that can partially or completely cover the cost of home care and even allow you to choose your caregiver. This is thanks to a waiver program that authorizes home and community-based services (HCBS) to provide home care services to individuals who would otherwise have to move to a facility.

What Are The Requirements To Apply For A Waiver? 

Medicaid is run by state governments. As such, each state’s waiver program works differently in terms of the kinds of health conditions and care services that apply.

The best way to start when it comes to getting Medicaid to pay for home care is by contacting a reputable home care agency in your area, like Nova Home Care. An established agency with positive reviews and a track record of operating in the state will have connections to the relevant government agencies, know the proper channels, and can assess care needs and handle the application quickly and easily for you.

Help Getting Home Care With Full Benefits

Nova Home Care offers person-centered home care services in Indiana, Colorado, Minnesota, Connecticut, and Arizona. If you live in any of these states, we can help you get home care paid for by Medicaid.  Contact us online for more information, or fill out our referral form for a consultation on a personalized care plan. 

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