What Is A Home Care Agency?

March 14, 2023

If you or someone you love needs some help around the home due to aging, illness, disability, or other factors, you might consider employing the services of a home care agency.

A home care agency is an organization that provides trained caregivers to work in the client’s place of residence. These dedicated individuals help clients live independent and fulfilling lives in the comfort of their own homes.

Home care agencies typically employ “custodial care” workers who are trained in a large variety of non-medical care services. Examples include:

Why Use A Home Care Agency?

The primary aim of home care is to empower the client to live comfortably at home. Many aging Americans prefer this over an assisted living facility or nursing home. This allows them to retain much of their independence, along with important connections with friends and community. For many individuals, all this requires is a bit of help with activities of daily living. 

The presence of a trained caregiver can also benefit the client’s family and loved ones, who often informally shoulder this burden. A home care agency can ease that burden, allowing clients and their loved ones to focus on what matters. 

While aging in place is a common reason to use a home care agency, younger individuals who have disabilities or are recovering from illness or injury might utilize this service on a temporary or indefinite basis. New mothers may also find a home care agency helpful.

Home Care Agency Regulation

While home care agencies are licensed businesses, their regulation varies by state — unlike home health agencies covered by Medicare. When choosing a home care agency, it’s best to go with one that employs workers who are trained in first aid and CPR and under regular supervision. Consult any reviews, testimonials, and recommendations to ensure the agency provides high-quality caregivers.

Home Care Agencies And Insurance

Although non-medical home care is not covered by Medicare, some home care agencies accept Medicaid or long-term insurance. Nova Home Care’s services are free for those with full Medicaid coverage who qualify for the Aged and Disabled Waiver.

Do Home Care Agencies Provide Medical Services?

Home care agencies provide non-medical treatment only. Home health agencies employ licensed medical professionals such as nurses, physical therapists, psychotherapists, etc. Home health services require a care plan authorized and monitored by a physician.

The focus of home health is on medical treatment and may or may not include provisions for assistance in daily living. Unless the client’s medical condition qualifies them for provider-mandated home health care, a non-medical home care agency should sufficiently meet their needs.

Getting Started With Home Care

If you think that you or your loved one may benefit from home care services, contact a reputable home care agency in your state for a consultation. Nova Home Care provides professional home care services for all counties in the states of Indiana, Arizona, Colorado, Minnesota, and Connecticut. Get in touch with us online or call 317-537-2490 to find out more about personalized home care services in your area.

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