Our Homemaking Care Services

Comfort at home is important for everyone’s well-being, which is why Nova Home Care offers homemaking services as part of the range of support activities provided by our caregivers. A professional homemaker helps to keep your home just the way you like it and eases the burden of daily domestic tasks so that you can focus on your well-being and family life without worrying about chores.

Homemaking services offered by our caregivers can be arranged on a daily or part-time basis according to your care needs and include:

Light housekeeping

  • Cleaning, including mopping, vacuuming and dusting
  • Laundry
  • Tidying
  • Taking out the garbage
Personal Care

Meal preparation

  • Cooking
  • Planning and adhering to a nutritious meal plan or specific diet


  • Grocery shopping
  • Making small household purchases–cleaning supplies, toiletries, batteries, etc.

Organization and planning

  • Making sure all necessary household items are available
  • Keeping household goods, clothes, and furniture in order
  • Coordinating with specialists if additional services are needed
  • Helping to adhere to a medication schedule

Plant and pet care

  • Light gardening
  • House plant watering
  • Feeding, washing, and walking of domestic animals

And more

Your homemaking services can be personalized for your needs. Contact us to discuss.

Benefits Of Choosing Nova Home Care For Homemaking Services


Are There Homemaker Services Near Me?

If you’re interested in home care that includes a homemaker service, then there’s no need to contract multiple agencies. Nova Home Care offers both personal care and homemaking services in Indiana, Arizona, Colorado, Minnesota, and Connecticut.

Homemaker Personal Care Services From Someone You Trust

Homemaker personal care services are included in the cost of your caregiver when you sign up with Nova Home Care–that way, your homemaker caregiver is a familiar, friendly face that you already know and trust, who knows how you like to keep your home, and who can help you with all your needs–mobility, companionship, personal grooming, etc., at the same time as carrying out their housekeeping duties. You can even have a family member apply to be a caregiver with Nova Home Care and be paid to help you with chores.


Expertise With Vulnerable People And Senior Safety

Homemaker services for seniors or disabled people are also important for avoiding the risk of injury or overexertion–let a qualified home care homemaker take care of it. When you have a Nova Home Care agent taking care of your home, you also have someone experienced with providing homemaker services for seniors and people with disabilities, injuries, or special needs. This makes them better qualified than a simple cleaner or housekeeper to handle anything that might arise.

Dedicated To Your Well-Being

While there are many professional homemaker services available that do not deal in personal care, Nova Home Care selects our caregivers from exceptional individuals who have proven their compassion and dedication to helping others. With Nova Home Care, you get a professional homemaker who is kind, eager to help, and who understands that their job is to help you have a comfortable, dignified, and fulfilling life in your own home–and that makes a world of difference.


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