How To Get More Home Care Hours Approved

October 23, 2023

Navigating the healthcare system can be a challenging journey, especially when you or a loved one requires home care services. In-home care can be expensive, but it can be covered by insurance, veteran’s benefits, or Medicaid. For example, Nova Home Care offers a range of home care services covered by Medicaid in the states of Indiana, Arizona, Colorado, Minnesota, and Connecticut. 

If you are receiving home care or are a family caregiver for your loved one because they are elderly, disabled, in recovery, or otherwise in need of care, then you might find yourself wondering how to apply for more home care hours that are covered by your benefits. This could be because of changing circumstances, new medical or life developments, or simple financial stress. While it is possible to appeal for more home care hours, these must be granted by the state authority that allocates funding, which not only varies from state to state but is often nested in a confusing system of sub-departments.

When advocating for additional home care hours, it is important to follow the correct procedure in order to ensure that you or your family member receives the right level of care. The appeal process can be difficult for ordinary people to manage, but as an established home care agency with years of experience in managing client cases, Nova Home Care can help you.

Appeal For More Home Care Hours: The Basic Process


The appeal process begins with an assessment conducted by the home care agency. The client or their representative must start by contacting their case manager at the agency to come and assess the client’s needs, taking into account their medical condition, daily activities, and limitations. This is similar to the initial assessment conducted when you first applied for home care, after which a certain number of weekly home care hours were allocated. As time passes, you may require a new assessment to take into account new information or changing circumstances.


One of the most crucial steps in appealing for more home care hours is to document everything meticulously. Keep records of all the care provided, medications administered, and any significant changes in your loved one’s condition. These records serve as valuable evidence to present to your case manager when making your case for additional hours.


Open and effective communication with your home care agency is key. At Nova Home Care, we believe in treating all our clients like family, maintaining open, honest communication via our compassionate caregivers and our friendly and responsive contact center. It is important to communicate any changes in your or your family member’s condition and any challenges that come with managing the required care within the allotted hours. It’s essential to be respectful and collaborative during these discussions, as your goal is to work together to find a solution.

Consult Healthcare Professionals

In the case of complex health conditions, involving healthcare professionals—doctors, nurses, therapists—can greatly strengthen your case. For example, following a medical examination, your physician may recommend additional home care hours. 

Formal Appeal

Once you have collected all the necessary documentation and support, it’s time to submit a formal appeal to the home care agency. The appeal should include a detailed letter outlining your situation, the changes in the client’s condition, and any recommendations from healthcare professionals. 

Choosing The Right Home Care Agency

Obtaining more home care hours for a loved one can be a challenging process, but with determination, effective communication, and a well-documented case, it is possible. Another crucial aspect is working with a compassionate home care agency that practices person-centered care tailored to your needs. When you choose Nova Home Care for your in-home care, you don’t only get a range of high-quality home care services but also a dedication to personalized care and open communication.

Nova Home Care understands that circumstances can change and that a caregiving family needs to rise to meet new challenges across an evolving care journey. We can offer support in navigating the state social services system to ensure that appeals are made correctly. For Nova Home Care, the priority is always to ensure that you or your family member receives the level of care needed to live a dignified, satisfying life.

If you have any questions about applying for more home care hours or starting home care,  contact us online for more information.

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