How To Become A Professional Homemaker In Minnesota

October 18, 2023

When considering how to be a homemaker, it’s crucial to move beyond the outdated ideals of the 20th-century housewife’s manuals. Homemaking encompasses the skillful creation of a clean, secure, and inviting home environment, involving tasks like cleaning, maintenance, restocking supplies, and organization. It’s a multifaceted skill set that many of us engage in daily, and for those who take on the primary homemaking role, it can be both demanding and fulfilling.

Unfortunately, homemaking skills have not always received the recognition they deserve in the professional arena. A recent Oxfam study revealed that globally, women and girls contribute a staggering 12.5 billion hours of unpaid care work every day. If we were to value this work at just minimum wage rates, it would amount to at least $10.8 trillion annually.

However, this narrative is changing, especially as society strives for greater equality. In the United States, individuals of any gender with homemaking experience, including displaced homemakers, are discovering new career prospects as caregivers for an aging population, often getting paid for the vital work they do within their families. For instance, Nova Home Care Minnesota offers homemaker services and welcomes applications from anyone with homemaking experience, even if it was previously unpaid.

What Is A Displaced Homemaker?

A displaced homemaker is someone who was a full-time, unpaid homemaker and lost the financial support provided by the employed member of their household. This can occur due to divorce, bereavement, or various other circumstances, leaving the displaced homemaker in a precarious position when entering a competitive job market without prior paid employment experience.

In such cases, pursuing a career as a professional homemaker can be an attractive option. Displaced homemakers can secure income in a growing industry that values the skills and experiences acquired in their domestic role. Additionally, those with elderly or disabled dependents can find paid caregiving opportunities by working through established home care agencies.

How To Be A Homemaker: Duties, Qualities, And Skills

Homemaking is a physically demanding job that encompasses planning and caring aspects. It requires valuable qualities such as organization, friendliness, and conscientiousness. As a professional homemaker, your typical responsibilities would include:

  • Light housekeeping – Cleaning, tidying, laundry, taking out the garbage
  • Meal preparation – Planning and cooking meals, adhering to dietary requirements
  • Errands – Grocery shopping and restocking household supplies
  • Organization – Assisting clients in planning schedules and managing medications and appointments
  • Plant and pet care – Light gardening, care, and feeding pets

What Kind Of People Need Professional Homemaking Services?

Many different types of people may benefit from the assistance of a homemaker in maintaining a clean, safe, and pleasant living environment, including:

  • The elderly
  • Anyone with disabilities
  • Patients recovering from injury or illness
  • Parents caring for children with physical disabilities

A well-maintained home can reduce stress, boost self-esteem, and minimize the risk of accidents or illnesses. However, clients with the above conditions often require assistance beyond homemaking, which is why many homemakers opt to train as caregivers to expand their career opportunities.

Should You Combine Homemaking And Home Care?

The qualities that make a good homemaker also align well with caregiving work. By undergoing training as an in-home caregiver, homemakers can broaden their career prospects and enjoy a more varied and emotionally rewarding range of duties by helping vulnerable members of their community lead satisfying lives at home.

For example, Nova Home Care Minnesota provides training in both homemaking best practices and essential caregiving skills, including assisting clients with mobility, organizing emergency exit plans, helping with medication adherence, and personal care duties.

Training And Benefits For Homemakers

Nova Home Care Minnesota actively seeks individuals with homemaking experience, particularly those who are already caring for loved ones or know someone in need of care. We can help you transition into a paid role as a family caregiver and homemaker.

If you believe you possess the right qualities and experience to become a professional caregiver consider applying through our careers page or reaching out to us online. Learn more about our compensation and benefits, including competitive salaries, health insurance, paid vacation, 401K, training opportunities, and assistance with government support for your loved ones. Join us in our mission to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need.

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