How Much Does A Family Caregiver Get Paid In Connecticut?

October 18, 2023

Caregiving plays an essential role in helping seniors, people with disabilities or illnesses, and families in need. Many people willingly assume caregiving responsibilities for family members as they age or require additional support at home. These informal caregivers selflessly dedicate their time and effort without expecting any compensation, often shouldering the financial burdens associated with caring for their loved ones. However, it’s vital to recognize that caregiving is vital work that deserves recognition, compensation, and support.

In the United States, there are various avenues for financial assistance available to family caregivers, although the availability of these resources varies from one state to another. By transitioning their informal family caregiving roles into professional or semi-professional positions, family caregivers can access the financial support and training necessary to provide the best possible care for their loved ones. In this article, we will explore the different programs and benefits accessible in Connecticut, the eligibility criteria for these programs, and how much family caregivers get paid in Connecticut.

Unpaid Vs Paid Family Caregiving In Connecticut 

The number of people engaged in unpaid caregiving may be more than you think, as highlighted in a recent  report by the AARP:

  • There are 420,000 unpaid family caregivers in Indiana taking care of loved ones.
  • These caregivers provide a combined 390 million hours (worth around $7.2 billion) of unpaid care every year.

In contrast, data from shows us how much family caregivers in paid roles are earning:

  • On average, a paid family caregiver in Connecticut earns $38,206 per year, starting from just over $12 per hour.
  • The annual salary for family caregivers typically ranges between $29,429 and $50, 073, depending on location, education and certifications, experience, and other skills a candidate can offer.

By undergoing formal training and gaining qualifications or experience with a home care agency, caregivers in Connecticut can boost their earning potential and gain access to resources to support their care work and their families. 

How To Get Paid For Family Care In Connecticut

If you’re looking for ways to get paid as a family caregiver in Connecticut, there are various federal and state benefits that can help. Additionally, you can receive a salary as a family caregiver by working through a home care agency willing to employ you to provide care for your family members. 

State And Federal Financial Support for Caregiving 

Tax Credit For Children And Dependents

If you satisfy specific income requirements, you have the opportunity to claim benefits for your children or other dependents on your federal tax return, potentially earning up to $2,000 for each eligible dependent. Additionally, you may be eligible to claim up to $8,000 in expenses related to babysitting, daycare, or caregiving if you hired someone to care for your dependent while you were either at work or actively seeking employment.

Medicaid And State Assistance Programs In Connecticut

Medicaid Waivers

Connecticut residents enrolled in Husky Health (Connecticut’s version of Medicaid) can direct their Medicaid funding directly to employing family members as caregivers by using Medicaid Waivers. Medicaid waivers that allow this include the Connecticut Home Care Program for Elders (CHCPE), Community First Choice (CFC), and the Money Follows the Person Program. 

  • The CHCPE waiver is designed to assist seniors who are at risk of being placed in nursing homes. It provides a wide array of services, both within and outside the home, such as homemaker assistance, case management, companion care, personal care, and assistive technology. Eligible recipients are able to direct funds to employ a family caregiver.
  • Community First Choice (CFC) enables Medicaid-eligible seniors in Connecticut to access services like meal preparation assistance, homemaker services, and personal care while remaining in their own homes. These can be provided by a family member. To qualify for CFC, beneficiaries should have the ability to self-direct their services and require a level of care equivalent to nursing care.
  • Money Follows the Person Program helps seniors to live independently and avoid institutionalization. It applies to individuals currently residing in nursing care, hospitals, or other institutions and offers in-home care, home health care services, hospital discharge planning, and accessible housing to eligible seniors who confirm that they wish to return to living in the community. 

For inquiries about eligibility for home care waivers in Connecticut, you can contact the Connecticut Department of Social Services at 2-1-1 or on its website. Alternatively, contact Nova Home Care Connecticut the assistance from an experienced home care professional.

Veterans Benefits

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers a variety of programs that often allow veterans to choose their own caregivers. 

  • Veterans Aid and Attendance Benefits and Housebound Allowance: These programs offer discretionary pension funds to veterans, giving them the flexibility to employ family members as home caregivers.
  • Veteran-Directed Care Program (VDC): Veterans in Connecticut who meet specific clinical criteria have the option to hire a family member as a caregiver at a rate ranging from $8 to $21 per hour. Additionally, VA pension rates, which range from $10,757 to $42,433 annually, can be used to compensate family caregivers.
  • Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers (PCAFC): This program provides vital support to family caregivers of veterans with service-related disabilities or illnesses. Caregivers receive training, access to resources, and a monthly stipend of up to $2,750 to assist in their caregiving responsibilities.

Get Paid As A Family Caregiver Via An Agency

If you live in Connecticut, the easiest way to get paid as a family caregiver is to work as a personal care aide through a private home care agency. These agencies recognize the dedication and passion of family caregivers and are eager to hire them, including to take care of relatives. Moreover, agencies can help informal caregivers turn their caregiving experience into a fulfilling career by offering them more work opportunities with other clients.

For instance, Nova Home Care Connecticut actively seeks caregivers and welcomes applications from individuals in the Connecticut area who want to be paid to care for their own family members. For detailed information about compensation and benefits, including salary, insurance, 401K plans, training opportunities, and more, please visit our careers page or reach out to us online.

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