Does Medicare Cover Home Care In Connecticut?

October 18, 2023

Many Americans, whether due to aging, illness, or recovery from injury, find themselves in need of in-home care. This involves the support of a caregiver, who either visits or resides with the recipient, in managing their daily needs. Home care services can sometimes include medical interventions, such as occupational therapy or nursing services, but the majority involve non-medical assistance with everyday tasks like bathing, grooming, and eating, or domestic chores such as laundry and housekeeping. Typically, non-medical home care services are provided by caregivers working for home care agencies.

Sometimes, a mix of medical and non-medical services may be required. That’s why confusion often arises regarding whether Medicare or Medicaid can cover home care. Regulations governing home care vary from state to state, and in this article, we will specifically explore home care in Connecticut.

Does Medicare Pay for Home Care in Connecticut?

Studies have shown that receiving home care enhances quality of life and improves health outcomes compared to residing in a nursing home. This is because it enables patients to retain their independence within a familiar environment, close to their loved ones.

However, home care is not without its costs, whether you opt for professional in-home caregivers or, like over 38 million Americans, you decide to provide care for your loved ones personally, investing your time and resources. This often leads to the question of whether Medicare extends coverage to home care in Connecticut.

The answer? It depends. In Connecticut, Medicare can cover home care, but only if specific conditions are met. Nevertheless, Medicare is not the sole option for securing financial assistance for home care. Affordable home care agencies in Connecticut offer services covered by Medicaid, providing a broader spectrum of services compared to what Medicare typically offers.

Medicare For Home Care In Connecticut

Medicare’s home health benefit incorporates specific services delivered in the home, subject to two fundamental requirements:

  • Skilled Medical Care: The in-home services must necessitate skilled medical care, which refers to health services provided by trained medical professionals (nurses or therapists).
  • Homebound Status: Beneficiaries must be unable to leave their residence without help or under doctor’s orders not to leave home.

If you meet these conditions, then home care can be covered by Medicare Part A (hospital insurance) if you have just left the hospital. Otherwise, home care may be covered by Medicare Part B (medical insurance).

How To Get Medicare To Pay For Home Care In Connecticut

Medicare will only cover home care if it is administered by a Medicare-certified home health agency (HHA). If the eligibility conditions are satisfied, the application process begins by getting a list of HHAs from your doctor and contacting them. If you are still hospitalized, you can request a member of staff to facilitate post-discharge home care arrangements with the relevant HHA.

The HHA will then schedule an assessment visit to evaluate your needs and formulate a care plan. This plan must receive approval from your doctor, either within 90 days before or 30 days after the initiation of the home care period.

Does Medicare Cover 24/7 Home Care?

Medicare’s home health benefit explicitly excludes cases requiring 24-hour daily care. Furthermore, Medicare does not cover services such as prescription medications, meal deliveries, or non-medical homemaking and housekeeping services. Additional information detailing the extent of Medicare coverage can be accessed here.

Should you or a loved one necessitate round-the-clock care or non-medical care services, contacting a home care agency in Connecticut may be a better option.

Home Care Agency With Medicaid In Connecticut

Nova Home Care is an established home care agency offering personalized in-home care services across various counties in the state of Connecticut. Our services are covered by Medicaid, and we can help you devise a comprehensive care plan for yourself or a loved one, inclusive of any government benefits that may be applicable. If you are already caring for a family member and require support, you can apply to become a caregiver through Nova Home Care and receive a salary, training, resources, and employment benefits while caring for a relative in need.

By choosing Nova Home Care Connecticut, you can benefit from services beyond what is covered by Medicare, including:

  • Personal care–grooming, meals, hygiene, and housekeeping
  • Reliable transportation to and from social events, appointments, and errands
  • Companionship, conversation and mental stimulation

Contact us online or call 317-537-2490 to find out more about how we can help you or your loved one receive quality care at home.

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