Does Colorado Have In-home Support Services?

October 18, 2023

There are many reasons why Colorado residents or families would seek additional support within their homes. These factors include reduced mobility or energy due to aging, disability, or illness, as well as specific needs that require assistance from another person.

In such circumstances, many people prefer the option of in-home care over relocating to a residential facility. This choice allows them to maintain their dignity and independence while continuing to reside in familiar, comfortable surroundings. While in-home care can sometimes include medical services, it more often covers a variety of non-medical services designed to assist vulnerable individuals living at home. These services typically include:

  • Assistance with daily activities such as eating, personal grooming, and hygiene
  • Light housekeeping, such as cleaning and laundry
  • Transference (assistance with sitting, standing, and lying down)
  • Planning and preparing meals 
  • Companionship, walks, and activities for mental stimulation
  • Transportation to and from appointments and events

While family and friends often serve as a natural support system for seniors or those in need, they may not always have the time, expertise, or financial means to provide the necessary care. This is where in-home support services come into play, offering resources to help eligible individuals receive care within the comfort of their homes. In this article, we’ll explore the available options for in-home support services in Colorado.

Government In-Home Support Services In Colorado

Colorado residents who qualify for Medicaid may access in-home support services through government assistance programs, known as participant-directed programs, associated with Health First Colorado (which is Colorado’s Medicaid program) and Colorado’s In-Home Support Services (IHSS).

Colorado allows Medicaid recipients the freedom to manage and direct in-home care services by cooperating with an approved home care agency through the following home and community-based services (HCBS) waivers:

  • Elderly, Blind, and Disabled waiver (EBD)
  • Complementary and Integrated Health waiver (CIH)
  • Children’s Home and Community Based Services waiver (CHCBS)

These waivers aim to supplement informal support for those who would otherwise be candidates for relocation to nursing facilities. Medicaid waivers can also facilitate the transition of individuals currently residing in nursing homes back to community settings, whether that be their own home, a family residence, or an assisted living facility.

The Best Way To Get Home Care In Colorado

While in-home services in the state of Colorado can be extremely helpful for families in need, most government agencies are stretched thin and have long waiting lists for processing applications. Even after their application is processed, applicants are subject to a lengthy assessment period and may struggle, because of unfamiliarity with government bureaucratic processes, to get the level of service they are entitled to.  After all of this, they still may not qualify for government support or for the level of support desired. 

The best way to get in-home care in Colorado is to contact an established home care agency that already works with Colorado state programs. For example, Nova Home Care Colorado already partners with Health First Colorado and other government programs to help individuals and families get high-quality, professional in-home care paid for by government benefits. Nova can even help you employ a family member as your caregiver, with a full range of benefits, including a competitive salary, paid vacation time, health insurance, and a 401K plan. 

While you can always contact state agencies yourself to inquire about in-home care for yourself or a loved one, it is also worth looking at home care agencies in your area to see if they can offer support and added benefits.

Colorado residents looking to explore these options can start by reaching out to Nova Home Care. We specialize in delivering professional, personalized in-home care services across all counties in the state of Colorado.

Our services are Medicaid-approved and covered, and we are well-equipped to assist you in arranging the highest quality of care for yourself or a loved one in conjunction with any applicable government support.

To learn more about how Nova Home Care can help you or your family member enjoy a safe, satisfying, and comfortable life at home, please contact us online or call 303-555-1234.

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